General Information on GBR

Validating gene-treatment interactions in conventional randomized controlled trials (RCT) may be challenging owing to statistical power constraints. Here, we compare statistical power to detect such interactions using a genotype-based recall (GBR) paradigm and a conventional RCT approach.The GBR approach for validating observations of genetic interactions (gene-drug or gene-lifestyle interactions) offers a potentially powerful alternative to conventional clinical trials, which is especially appealing when gene variants are rare and phenotyping costs are high.

General information about the website

Depending on the study you have done you need to enter different information and choose between different models. The results will be shown in both figure and tables. The number of the simulations is 1000 to give more accurate result and it will take some time so please wait until the end of the simulation. If you close the window in the middle of process you will loose the result. Tooltips are used to show some additional information in the context of each field. When you hover the element with your mouse, the required information is displayed in a little box next to the entery field with examples. The inputs should exactly follow the way it has been explained. If you need help or more information, you can contact us via email.

Steps to run the simulations

  • Choose between Linear or Cox Regression Model
  • First you need to choose the model based on the study you have done by clicking on the Linear Regression Model or Cox Regression Model tab

  • choose between genes or SNPs
  • Click on the SNPs or GRS based on your study, if you have made your regression from some SNPs choose the SNPs or if you have made regression on GRS (Genetic Risk Score), click on GRS.

  • Entery Fields
  • After filling out the input fields, click on the Submit button to get the results in the same page.




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